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Do You Believe Peace is Possible? - We do: Ambassador Dr P S Ravish


Do You Believe Peace is Possible?
We do: Ambassador Dr P S Ravish

What is peace? I think peace is people being able to live happily without war and "a society living in calm without war." Large scale wars like World War-I and World War-II have ended, and many people should have learned about the tragedy of war and the importance of peace.

However, as everyone knows, in the world there are still many areas where wars have not ended. Tension about the Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Ukraine, India-Pakistan-Afghanistan and many other parts of the worlds problem has increased day by day and there are many countries that have nuclear power, and fears have arisen that this will cause large-scale damage if war starts.

Peace direct can make a real difference in places where building peace is often painful reality. Together we can make it happen. In conflict areas worldwide local people are building peace. Stopping violence, saving lives, healing shattered communities. Thousands of people around the world have chosen to help them to stand up for peace and show these local heroes they are not alone. Peace Direct helps them, and you can help them too. In the world's most difficult and dangerous conflicts, local peace builders are making a real difference. Every day they risk their lives to build peace and prevent conflict in the places where it starts locally. These local heroes can work in places where outsiders can't reach. And stay long after the immediate danger has passed. They work tirelessly for the future of their country because it is, quite simply, their home. Local people have the power to find their own solutions to conflict and to build their own better futures. So, together we can make this happen. Without people like you, none of this would be possible. Local peace builders take strength from our support. Because of you, they can dedicate their lives to building peace in the world's most difficult and dangerous places.

Man cannot create a leaf or a fly, though he is free to tamper with God's creation to the extent he wills. He cannot prevent himself from getting hungry and thirsty, he does not decide what time or country he will be born, he is not free to choose his parents nor physical structure, nor does he know when and where he will die. When so many things cannot be decided by him, he has no right to decide which religion is the best. There is no point in fighting with each other or in instilling fear in other people. Everyone in the world want peace. Even so, why do people repeat wars? Why do people who have learned about the horrors of war pretend not to notice the war's happening in various places around the world? Why don't they try to stop them?

There are also many people and organizations in the world who are working to try to stop wars. However, aren't there perhaps many people who pretend not to notice them...Perhaps we are ignoring them? Mother Teresa, winner of the Noble Peace Prize, has said that the opposite of love is indifference. Everyone, since now globalization is increasing, shouldn't we try to have love and concern for people of the world?

A peaceful world is not something that can be naturally created. It is made by the brain and hands of human being. So friends, let us cooperate and create a peaceful world desired by every person on this earth.

Finally, for bringing peace we need to be clear that all of existing facilities in a country belong to people of the country, it means every person can benefit to live in dignity, human rights is to respect the rights of every person. Management of social investment and free society for people, protection of national wealth, producing for consumption, free market strategy with respecting prices nationally and internationally. This requires as working part of our societies. So, find or imagine that there is a mental space in which all the ideas of what anyone might think that their future should look like would be reconciled with each other, so that conflicts in real life would be prevented from occurring. I request all the governments and societies worldwide to dedicate their practices towards peace to the optimal benefit of all beings of all three times and ten directions of space, starting here and now on the earth.

Dr. Prithvi Singh Ravish
Ambassador At Large for India & SAARC
International Human Rights Commission


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