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Conference of Civil Society Organizations


Conference of Civil Society Organizations in the backyards of the sit-in in front of the Green Zone

Conference of Civil Society Organizations in the sit-in squares in front of the Green Zone,
Was on Tuesday evening, March 29 2016 and other honorable stand for civil society organizations and the peace ambassadors contract in support of the reforms of the preparation of Baghdad, a network of civil society organizations to Professor Maher Adnan and thank you to Dr. Salah Boshi and Peace Ambassador Ahmed Al Nuaimi, and thank you to Professor Ibrahim Rashid, representative of the Kurdish organizations, who delivered his speech at the press conference for organizations Conference Civil society
The meeting has been collected before the conference, Sheikh Abu Duaa al-Issawi
Mr. Ibrahim al-Jabri, director of the martyr offices - and Mr. Aoun Prophet
After sunset prayers We went to the conference platform with the participation of civil society organizations
And who have declared not to participate in all events festivals, seminars and conferences to another slogan and would stand with the protesters that the reforms achieved
The first speaker was Mr. Sadiq al-Moussawi, Ambassador of the International Commission for Human Rights in Iraq, President of the World Peace gathering, addressing the head of the UN Association of the letter came in the lintel read .....
Peace be upon you, O Liberal in the sit-Yards, peace on the sword of justice and Nasser oppressed and representative of the Iraqi people, Sayyed Muqtada al-Sadr Aazza God.
I address a message to
Secretary General of the UN body, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, Esquire,
And to all the international organizations in the world ...
It was homework when you visit Iraq to inspect the conditions of the sitters of the rebellious sons of the people against corruption and the corrupt pro-reforms.
Has become the Arab and Islamic peoples oppressed do not trust the UN job, being a double standard, to defend the criminality of the United States and the protection of her children spoiled from countries violate the sovereignty of the oppressed nations and violate the principles of human rights.
It is Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar,
This triangle global criminality supporter of terrorism in the world of nations,
It is one of the strongest countries in which human rights abusers, and with other countries bow to them and major countries backed,
The picture is clear and solemn UN and non-hidden body,
But overlooked these issues make the Arab and Islamic nations do not trust you and your work, and they know that the establishment of Haitkm
As a bargaining UN pressure to carry out the tasks superpowers super its crimes and violations of human rights, because they are without civilization and proud history.
So they have set up the international tribunal is a US court to take issues of interest to them and leave the cases in which the real condemnation of her and agents of the pro-states.
While the International Court of Justice is the principal judicial organ of the United Nations. The chapter holds court in accordance with the provisions of international law in legal disputes that arise between nations, and to provide advisory opinions on legal questions that may be forwarded by United Nations bodies.
What do you make of the prosecution states that have violated the sovereignty of Iraq, Syria and Yemen, and you know that those nations and personalities Arab sponsors of terrorism?
What worked against US troops taken read the invasion of Iraq without the permission of the United Nations?
What you would have to violations of the US military in the invasion of Iraq since the bombing of a shelter Amiriyah who went as a result of criminal act, hundreds of innocent women and children.
What it would have emptied Iraq's coffers of money and precious treasures and monuments and bid farewell to the former president of Iraq, estimated at hundreds of billions, stolen by the Americans, photographs and videos condemning evidence against them. And our demand you return the money?
What you would have after realizing the world that al Qaeda is a creation of the Americans and their own admission created during the cold war between them and the Soviet Union?
What you would have after you know that the Americans, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are countries supporting terrorists in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Algeria, and shaken the security of Arab countries.?
What you would have taught you that after the Americans sent aid to Doaash sent planes with military supplies in the midst of fighting in Iraq and Syria and some Arab countries .oukcef our security forces in all its different forms during the progress to liberate its territory?
That many questions need not be listed because we knew in advance that Haitkm as mentioned above is a subsidiary of the American with no room to correct the situation,
But we will change this equation and we have you a lot of surprises in this year's response of oppressed people's rights and in particular the Iraqi people, which is fighting terrorism and resisting for years, and despite the sacrifices, but his sons were beaten Amthala world
It is the people who are not invincible.
Liberal greet you, and greetings and appreciation to the sword of truth and justice of Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr on the steadfast and honorable response of the people's rights.
Peace, mercy and blessings of God

Sadiq al-Musawi
Ambassador of the International Commission for Human Rights in Iraq.


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