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Israel Security Update Sderot IHRC


From Oct 22 to Oct 26 IHRC delegation consisting of Mister Damian Lewandowski advisor Secretary General department of Refugees Affairs and Mister Eliasz Gocal-Czerwinski, advisor Secretary General department of Child and Youth Affairs, took part in a study trip to Israel organized by The Face of Israel in partnership with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel.
On Oct 22, after an insight tour around City of David and Jerusalem's Old City delegates participated in a meeting with Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Mr Yair Shamir where current domestic affairs were discussed.
On Oct 23 Gentlemen Damian Lewandowski and Eliasz Gocal-Czerwinski visited The World Center for Holocaust Research, Documentation, Education and Commemoration Yad Vashem followed by a tour around Israeli Supreme Court and meeting with a Policy Advisor of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mr Shlomi Kaufman where current and possible future foreign affairs were covered. IHRC members also visited Tel Shilo and Nahalat Binyamin visitors center where local communities' affairs where reviewed. At the end delegates participated in a dinner with Mr Eugene Kontorovich, professor at Northwestern University School of Law and an expert on international law.
On Oct 24 IHRC members visited border of gaza and the city of Sderot. Aim of the trip was to familiarize with local communities' problems and security issues. While getting to know how local people live, Mr. Eliasz Gocal-Czerwinski, gave an interview to a local Chrsitian American television station, talking about Sderot community and how conflict can shape their way od life.
On Oct 25 delegates Damian Leawandowski and Eliasz Gocal-Czeriwnski participated in a meeting with a former member of Knesset, Deputy Minister for Development of the Negev and Galilee Mr Ayoob Kara followed by a lunch with Father Gabriel Naddaf in Nazareth. At the end of the day IHRC members visited Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth and took part in a historical tour around the city of Tzfat.
On Oct 26 delegates visited Golan Highs and Syrian border where they took a historical war tour and watched United Nations monitoring work on Syrian-Israeli the border.
After the study trip, Mister Eliasz Gocal-Czerwinski said about the whole experiece:
" It was a great, humbling experience. Meeting so many great politicians, talking to them about local and global policy and how do they cope with internal problems was an extremely important lesson for me. Thanks to this study trip I know that reaching a dialog and working out a compromise can be achieved even in very difficult political, cultural and religious situations. The best way to get to that compromise is by getting to know local people, to interact with them, learn about subtle differences betwee different communities. Now I know that is the best way to achive peace and happines.This kind of dialog helps people building peace, even in seemingly impossible political, cultural and religious
International Human Rights Commission
Secretary General IHRC
Rafal Marcin Wasik



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