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The President of ECNWM, Mr. Menderes Kuchi met the Prime Minister Mustafa

PRESS NOTE > Republic of Kosovo

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Mr.Isa Mustafa, hosted a delegation consisted by the President of Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia Mr.MenderesKuchi, the President of KBA, Agim Shahini, the President of the Union of Economic Chambers of Albania Ilir Zhilla, the Mayor of Preshevo Mr.Ragmi Mustafa, Mayor of Bujanovac Nagip Arifi, the President of the the business club from Tivar, Mr. Jakup Gjelishevi, The president of the business club from ulcin Mr.Selatin Geloshi, The Chairman of the AABC, Mr. Enver Ferizi and senior ambassador of IHRC for Ballkans, Mr.Hamza Merxhani. The Prime Minister Mustafa held this meeting right after taking his post in the new Government of Kosovo.

The President of the ECNWM, Mr.Menderes Kuchi on behalf of the delegation and on behalf of ECNWM members congratulated the new Prime Minister, wishing him luck and successful job on its mandate. In addition, Mr. Kuchi unveiled the expectations of this delegation from the Prime Minister in particular and from the new government in general, regarding to the recent locking downs in terms of trade exchange and cooperation in general with Macedonia, in the infrastructure as well as in areas related in free movement of goods and people. He also mentioned the positive climate for doing business between Macedonia and Kosovo.

Furthermore, the other participants of the meeting, business representatives from Albania, encouraged the Prime Minister to implement policies in strengthening the manufacturing sector and agriculture, while the Presevo Valley representatives mentioned the difficulties that are faced businesses in this region. They expressed satisfaction at the same time that this time the government is run by an economist and they expect even more advanced relations in the future. The Ambassador of the IHRC, Mr.Hamza Merxhani expressed readiness to lobby, as for the recognition of Kosovo by the countries which have not done this already, as well as for attracting foreign investors.

In the end, the Prime Minister Mustafa emphasized the government’s agenda, which has targeted precisely the private sector, because it is well-known that businesses are the catalysts of growth and development of the country. He further expressed that without knowing the flaws and difficulties that businesses have today, you cannot improve and encourage the rise. That’s why meetings of this kind will have more frequently in the future.


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