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Dr Haissam Bou Said
Members > Extinction and changes
In connection with the irrefutable statement of  actions to the detriment of IHRC, a full conflict of interest, we are withdrawing Mr. Haissam Bou-Said all powers of attorney granted to this person as well as titles and functions in our organization. Thus, Haissam Bou-Said are banned from invoking our joint actions or any action on behalf of our Organization.
Violation of this prohibition will constitute a crime for which we will ruthlessly prosecute.
This termination does not close the IHRC legal course to prosecute you for compensation due to IHRC for your past actions.
Power Auttorney No. 4/PA/2020 from 02.03.2020 for Dr Haissam Bou Said INVALIDATED

Ambassador Jaroslaw Tatarowski
IHRC Comptroller

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