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It is with great pleasure to invite to the first annual session of International Human Rights Council, to be held in London on 29th January 2018.
During this session Your Excellency will have the chance to familiarize with international topics concerning our current world issues. This year we are expecting more than 200 High ranking officials and Diplomats from 20 countries
During this session we will familiarize Your Excellency with:
• The new Headquarter Office location in Central London
• Appointment of the new Chairperson for IHRC Federation
• Notifications of New Appointments and Honours
• Future Program works with United Nations and European Union
• I.H.R.C Federation Tasks for each country
Venus : Royal Nawab
Hoover Restaurant 7, Western Avenue, London UB6 8DB
Programme Starts: 6pm


The International Human Rights Commission with the participation of the First world Vice Secretary General Ambassador Yurii Kiperman, together with the Charitable Foundation of People's Deputy Alexander Shevchenko "New Ivano-Frankivsk" and the permanent donors, such as the of the Dnepropetrovsk administration Igor Kolomoyskiy, as well as the former head of the Odessa administration Igor Paliza, at the moment he is the chairman of the Volyn region, Gennadiy Bogolyubov,the president of the Dnepropetrovsk Jewish community, together with the channel 1 + 1, who constantly conducts


International Psycho-Educational Projects Israel ..more


Upon the initiative of the International Human Rights Commission, represented by the Secretary-General of the IHRC Ambassador Rafal Marcin Wasik, the First Deputy Secretary-General of the IHRC, Ambassador Yurii Kiperman, with assistance of Ambassador in Austria Dr Ihor Ivanovych Huk, the envoy on the part of Austria, a milestone event was arranged: Historic visit of Patriarch Filaret to the Jewish Community of the city of Dnipro (Ukraine) and the Menorah Jewish Centre. On November 5, 2017 the Patriarch of Kyiv and All Rus-Ukraine Filaret and the Primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine - Kyiv Patriarchate ..more


The internet domain https://www.ihrchq.org & http://www.ihrc-rft.org is the property of the Organization in the Czech Republic & Ukraine, the IHRC. The mailbox info@ihrchq.org was also launched. Only the World Secretary General of the IHRC is allowed to include all information on the website Ambassador at Large Rafal Marcin Wasik. International Human Rights Commission at a glance The IHRC in the Czech Republic & Ukraine does not have an office in Asia - Bangladesh WE ARE NOT PART OF THEM. All official IHRC offices are listed on the https://www.sg-ihrc.org central web site. Other Internet domains have been redirected to the main domain ( sg-ihrc.org, usa-ihrc.org, eu-ihrc.org, pl-ihrc.org, ihrc-rft.org). The International Human Rights Commission has never had an IHRC Commissioner Haysam Abu Said in the ...more


Speech by the head of the Iraqi delegation, Ambassador of the International Human Rights Commission H.E. Dr. Sadiq al-Moussawi, at the conference on peace and global prosperity in Lebanon.Hello. Dear Visitors, Peacemakers in the world on behalf of the Iraqi delegation. The organizers of this conference have peace and global prosperity, In particular Ambassador Ali Proo and Ambassador Ibtisam Al-Awwam. The Lebanese people are mourning the anniversary of their independence. Ladies and gentlemen, Iraq has remained under difficult circumstances: the occupation of terrorists by the occupation of two-thirds of the territory of Iraq ..more


The third quarter of 2017 was marked with two ceasefires – one in June to allow safe harvest and the other at the end of August to allow a safe resumption of schooling season. The two ceasefire agreements were not fully adhered to; notwithstanding, they brought about a brief respite. From July to September, the number of clashes and skirmishes recorded seemed to have declined by half (approximately 2,400 incidents), compared to the fi rst quarter (approximately 5,000 incidents). A similar observation was recorded in the number of education facilities damaged, as well as shelling and other incidents aff ecting power supply and water infrastructure.
The apparent drop of WASH incidents in August followed the agreement reached in Minsk on 19 July to avoid damage to critical water facilities, including Donetsk Filter Station and the 1st Lift Pumping Station (near Avdiivka) of the South

For the victims of sexual violence during the war in Kosovo


From last Tuesday, 12.12.2017 to Tuesday 19.12.2017, a great celebration was held all over the world-the Chanukah holiday. IN OUR TIME, WHEN THE PEACE IS SO DESIRE NEEDED LIGHT, Chanukah GIVES US THE POSSIBILITY TO MAKE THIS WORLD MUCH MORE BRIGHT. On this event, the lighting of eight candles on Tuesday, 19.12 in the main Synagogue of Kyiv named after Brodsky with the chief rabbi Asman, Yuri Kiperman, who is the First World Vice secretary of the International Human Rights Commission , in the presence of the whole community of Kyiv, as a trustee and The honorable guest was instructed to light eight candles. At this event, which takes place in all countries of the world, candles are lit by the first persons from the President and the Prime Minister ...more

Justice and Fundamental Rights

The Commission EU has just launched a public debate into the following issues;

Justice and Fundamental Rights
You can contribute to the consultation via the "Your Voice in Europe" site:

A New Deal for Consumers - revision of the Injunctions Directive

  • Consumer Affairs
  • Justice and Fundamental Rights


Malik (S ) in Kalmar, he came home last Sunday, from a trip from his old homeland Pakistan. Under tuesday he followed the reporting on how a group of Taliban militants crossed into a school in Peshawar in northwest Pakistan, killing schoolchildren. Hundreds dead and many more injured were reported on Tuesday afternoon. The kids at school are between 10 and 18 years old. A terrorist group in the area have claimed responsibility.
- I'm in shock, says Nasim Malik previously committed to the girls right
to schooling in their ancient homeland and praised Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai.
The fundamentalist terrorists demands that Pakistan will be governed by Islamic Sharia law, where religion becomes part of the state apparatus.
- It is the most dangerous thing there is. The mixing of religion and politics are
the cause of many of today's conflicts in Palestine, Israel, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and many other places, says Nasim Malik.
- The religion belongs to the private sector. How ever state should not have to do with religion which is a personal matter of a citizen.

44th session of the Baghdad

We were honored at the closing ceremony of the 44th session of the Baghdad International Fair Honoring the International Commission for Human Rights in Iraq, the Arab Region and the Middle East, and Ambassadors of Peace in Iraq, the Arab Region and the Middle East, His Excellency Ambassador Sadiq Al-Moussawi and his Deputy Director Dr. Iyad Al-Fatlawi were honored Ambassador Ahmed al-Nuaimi, Ambassador Emad al-Saffar, Ambassador Marwan al-Hayali and Fatin were also honored. Congratulations to this great achievement to spread peace and love to all ..more

International Human Rights Commission
Lets as grow, give the particle away.
...Because what we today, we do for Generations...
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