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Intergovernmental Humanitarian Foundation
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Press note
Important information IHRC !
I like to inform you that: Mr. Robert Shumake don't belong to ours organization on the American Region, we understand that appoint was made for the former administration witch was Mr. Khan (still in Pakistan jail) in charge ,we know United State authorities have case again him in three different estates
anything he try to do in IHRC name going to be Report to F.B.I or local Police
Please, on behalf of the IHRC Secretary General, Sir Rafal, Marcin Wasik, send this information as much as possible.
H.E.Gabriel Bertonazzi
Ambassador at Large
Headquarters IHRC
Pesiho pluku c.p. 238, Street.
Fridek - Mistek
PSC 738 01, office number 55
Czech Republic ID 5967023
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Secretary General:
ID 05967023 CZ ( EU )
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