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Dr. Haissam Abu Said

Press note > Lebanon
The President of the Court of Cassation and the Supreme Judicial Council meet with the International Human Rights Commission August 9, 2019

The President of the Court of Cassation and the President of the Supreme Council, Judge Jean Fahad, held a working meeting with the Ambassador at Large for the International Human Rights Commission and her advisor to the United Nations in Geneva, Dr. Haissam Abu Said, accompanied by the President of the Legal Committee at the International Courts. Adib Asaad, a member of the Executive Council in the Middle East, and a member of the Secretariat, Essam Al-Khatib, also attended the Secretary of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Jean Tannous.
Ambassador Abu Saeed Al-Qadi Fahd delivered a letter from the committee that condemned the committee's political attacks on the judiciary and the security services, saying that this would free the state from its power to enforce the law and control abuses, and break the backbone of the state if this continues, in addition to the list of members. Aden working in the committee to keep abreast of the titles and rights entitlements in Lebanon and the region.
Ambassador Abu Said and Judge Fahd discussed local human rights issues of an international nature and joint ways to activate all that is hindering the proper implementation of international human rights laws.
Ambassador Abu Said noted that he received great interest from the President of the Court of Cassation Judge Fahd and jealousy seriously in order to activate the required reforms, as well as the interest of the judiciary in international professional work, which is based on national assets that do not accept the dictates exaggerated in content, but hard work field and actual.

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