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Monitoring > Ukraine > Presidental 2019 > First Turn 29.03.19
Observer for IHRC in Ukrainian Embassy in Lebanon
More than 35 million people voted in Ukraine's presidential election on March 31 - the first electoral test for President Petro Poroshenko since he came to power in 2014 on a wave of pro-Western protests. However, several million of the voters in the Russian-annexed Crimea and the rebel-held parts of east Ukraine are unable or unwilling to cast their ballots. More than 967 registered international observers will monitor the vote on March 31, according to the election commission. Sir.Rafal Marcin Wasik the General Secretary of the International Human Rights Commission & Coordinator of International Observers along with 29 members IHRC team will officially monitor the Ukrainian Presidential Elections 2019.
IHRC team will have 12 IHRC members from Ukraine & the rest from Embassy of Ukraine in France, Poland, Belarus, Latvia, Lebanon, USA, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Spain, Austria, Israel, UK, Estonia. Algeria & others. The IHRC Citizens Association in Ukraine has also been accredited as a local social observer for the Presidential Election.
IHRC must appreciate & congratulate H.E Ambassador at Large Romanos Raad for his very well organised team who monitored the Presidential Elections 2019 Ukraine as the Official International Observer for IHRC in Lebanon.
IHRC & Team IHRC also extend their thanks to Honorable Igor Fostasz Ambassador Ukraine in Lebanon for his support during the Election.

Rafał Marcin Wasik
General Secretary
International Human Rights Commission

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