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Author this book:
Dr. Salvatore Pigniataro
IHRC High Commissioner - OCYW

The investigative activity of the Judicial Police.
Salvatore Pignataro's book will be out in the next few days. The preface by Dr. Paolo Itri Deputy Public Prosecutor at the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of Naples.
The investigative activity of the Judicial Police. This is the title of the new volume of university interest (257 pages) written by Doctor Salvatore Pignataro, Campania Regional President of the Italian Criminologists Association for Investigation and Security, specialist in investigation, security and intelligence techniques. Professor of investigation techniques, judicial police techniques, digital forensics and investigative criminology for some universities and public and private bodies. The preface of the volume was edited by the deputy prosecutor of the Naples Anti-Mafia District Directorate dott. Paolo Itri who writes in his speech: "The volume shows not only that the subject matter is not only for lovers of procedural-penal science, but it is also extremely current and compelling, as it relates to what is certainly the procedural phase more “liquid”, and therefore less linked to rigid conceptual schemes: the investigative phase, that is, the one that immediately follows the first crime report, and therefore more harbinger of developments. The work deals in a complete and exhaustive manner with the codicistic and systematic discipline of the Judicial Police's activity, outlining its technical-legal profile and focusing in particular on both typical and atypical investigative acts, carried out on initiative or delegated by the Authority. Judicial. " In addition to the preface, the volume also includes the presentation intervention by Colonel Antonio Buccoliero Deputy Commander of the Abruzzo and Molise Carabinieri Region, by the Superior Director of the State Police (ar) Dr. Olindo Furno and by the Inspector Superior of the State Police Dr. Elia Lombardo in service at the General Prevention Office of the Naples Police Headquarters and Crime Mapping specialist. The text had the moral patronage of the International Commission of Human Rights (IHRC)

IHRC Secretary General Prof. h.c. Rafal Marcin WASIK
presents the new book
by Dr. Salvatore Pigniataro with official IHRC patronage

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