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3rd World Forum in Argentina
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IHRC-Dante Mainieri Foundation joins 3rd World Forum on Human Rights, Argentina
The Argentine Foundation of Fibromyalgia Dante Mainieri, an Organization accredited by Argentina in the IHRC, will be part of the III World Forum on Human Rights 2023 to be held in Argentina from March 20 to 24 of this year.
950 organizations will participate, including the Foundation, 24 thematic commissions that address the main issues on the Human Rights agenda, including more than 1,500 proposals for activities that will be carried out during the Forum. More than 50 countries represented in 4 venues that host the largest meeting of Human Rights activities in the world.
The DH23 World Forum will be the 3rd edition of the Forum. The 1st meeting was in Brazil in 2013 and the second in Morocco in 2014. In this 3rd edition that will take place in Argentina, the participation of more than 12,000 people from all over the world is expected, interacting in conferences, debates, exhibitions and cultural activities.
The Argentine Fibromyalgia Foundation will participate in two activities putting Fibromyalgia on the forum's agenda to give visibility to the problems suffered by patients. The activities will be carried out by its President, Mrs. Miriam Mainieri. A poster will be presented where you can clearly see the claim of a National Law for Argentina that has been carried out since 2015 to date.
The Law establishes the Inclusion of the PMO (Mandatory Medical Program), comprehensive treatment coverage, contemplating the labor aspect, research on mother cases, and the possibility of obtaining a cure, as well as medical training and dignified treatment.
The equalization of rights is also proposed, since some Provinces such as Santa Fe have a Fibromyalgia Law regulated and in force, as well as in Entre Ríos and Tucumán the Law has existed for years, but without regulation. Patients from the Province of Santa Cruz through its Social Services Fund have coverage for this disease, but those who do not belong to the Fund do not have this benefit. It is thus that in this Forum the necessary equality of rights will be raised so that all Argentines (and not just a few) have comprehensive coverage, regardless of their place of residence or labor or union membership.
Health is one and should not be subjected to any type of discrimination or pigeonholing, since today, only three (3) provinces have an accompanying Law, a Law that must be National, and already regulated after eight (8) years of intense struggle, carried out by the Foundation.
This is also extensible to all countries that have Laws without regulating or promulgating (Brazil or Uruguay to cite some of them) and for those that continue to fight even without obtaining a law that protects them.
Fibromyalgia Identifies it is part of the World Campaign for Health and Social Education 2021, presenting the exhibition of a story-telling that reflects how a person lives before becoming ill with Fibromyalgia, during the search for a diagnosis (which can take years) the anguish that is suffered due to the impossibility of identifying the disease, since there are still many doctors who do not recognize it or are simply unaware of it, the arrival of the diagnosis, its treatments, which vary according to the patient, the final arrival of adequate treatment, and the adaptation to a new life, recognizing and coping with the conditions involved in suffering from this disease.
This short film only composed of musical sound and images (without text), allows its understanding in any part or region of the world, language, ideology and culture. This year the Foundation carried out Fibromyalgia without Stigma (World Campaign for Early Detection in Primary Care), presented at the headquarters of the Ministry of Health of the Argentine Nation.
Fidelis Onakpoma
IHRC Editor-in-Chief Worldwide.

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