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...Because what we do today, we do for Generations...
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IHRC Secretary General
About HQ

""Every morning I wake up with new ideas and energy to create and search for new solutions. In life, I am guided by the words

                                  ... because what we do today,
we do for Generations ...

I belive that I have a chance, even to a small extent, to contribute to the improvement quality of people's lives and maintain Peace in the World.""
Secretary General
World Chairman IHRC Group
Prof. h.c. Rafal Marcin WASIK

  • European Climate Pact Ambassador

Prof.h.c. Rafal Marcin WASIK,

Born in Poland, Sosnowiec March 3, 1977
Intergovernmental Expert and Advisor  in the field of Human Rights and Organization Management, Philanthropist
Academic titles
Secretary General IHRC
  • Founder International Human Rights Commission ( IHRC CORPORATION Transnational Intergovernmental Organization in USA State of New York), 2024
  • Founder International Human Rights Commission (IHRC Transnational Intergovernmental Organization in Switzerland),2022
  • Founder International Human Rights Commission (Specialized Intergovernmental Endowment Found in Czech Republic),2017
  • Founder International Human Rights Commission (Specialized Intergovernmental Foundation in Slovak Republic),2022
  • Founder International Human Rights Commission Assocation (NGO Ukraina), 2014
  • European Climate Pact Ambassador
  • Chevalier des Belgies / Le Commandant des Chavaliers of Belgium, Spain , Morroco. Thailand.
  • Honorary Commander of the Humanitarian Aid Corps in CSLI Lazarus - Lazarus Union in Poland, Austria
  • Creator of the Innovative Program: "Plant and livestock production programming". Contracts - Creation of the first producer groups in Poland in 1999.
  • Agricultural Development Specialist - Wloszczowa City, Swietokrzyskie Region, Poland in 1999
  • Official representative of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church for organizing the meeting of the Vatican with the Pope and the Patriarch - (The authorization was issued and signed personally by Patriarch His Holiness Filaret in 2012)

Awards and Decorations:
  • Silver Medalist of the Polish Junior Championships in Athletics in 1994 in 800 m
  • Honorary Badge "For Merits to Agriculture" awarded by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Republic of Poland
  • Honorary Badge "For Merits to Tourism" awarded by the Minister of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Poland
  • Distinguished Honorary Blood Donor, 1st Degree - Badge awarded by the Polish Red Cross
  • The Humanitarian Order of Georgia, awarded by the Minister of Justice Georgian Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia
  • Order of the Grand Duke Vladimir the Grand First Degree - awarded by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate - Ukraine.
  • Gold Medal of Gen. Jozef Sowinski - PTTK
  • Golden Cross of Merit - PTTK
  • Honorary Gold Cross of the Polish Pilsudski Union
  • Commander's Cross with Star of the CSStS of the Royal Order of Saint Stanisław BM
  • Medal "Alteri vivas oportet si tibi vis vivere" of the Royal Order of Saint Stanislaus Commandoria Wroclaw - Center
  • The "Children's Friend" badge awarded by the Association of Children's Friends in Poland
  • Cross of Merit in the rank of Commander for CSLI
  • Cross of the Military Hospital and Monastery of Saint Lazarus from Jerusalem,
  • Cross for outstanding services to the Union of Disabled People of the Republic of Poland

Prof. h.c. Rafal Marcin Wasik currently holds the esteemed position of General Secretary at the Transnational Intergovernmental Organization International Human Rights Commission - IHRC, where he is deeply committed to safeguarding and advancing human rights on a global scale. With a steadfast dedication to fostering a culture of peace among nations and ensuring the protection of human rights, Prof. Wasik's visionary leadership has propelled IHRC towards the pursuit of sustainable development, the propagation of gender equality, and the promotion of essential values.
Under Prof. Wasik's astute guidance, IHRC has embarked on initiatives aimed at enhancing the capacities of nations to engage in sustainable development through avenues such as educational access, relief programs, and ecological and bioethical endeavors. These undertakings are executed with a keen understanding of each nation's traditional, social, and cultural contexts, exemplifying a commitment to holistic and inclusive development.
Furthermore, Prof. Wasik's leadership has facilitated the propagation of fundamental human rights principles. This includes initiatives focused on peace promotion, gender equality, health advancement, and economic progress. Particularly noteworthy is IHRC's diligent work in raising awareness regarding the rights of women, children, and youth in developing nations, ensuring their protection and empowerment.
Prof. Wasik's extensive involvement extends to his role as an architect of conflict resolution in Ukraine. The formal establishment of IHRC's Central Office in Ukraine in 2014 underscores his dedication to the global network of human rights protection. Prof. Wasik's proactive engagement in monitoring pivotal events, such as the early presidential elections in Ukraine, has earned him recognition as an international observer. The proposals generated by IHRC's Central Office have found practical application in significant peace initiatives, including the President of Ukraine's Peace Plan and the Minsk Arrangements of September 2014.
Notably, Prof. Wasik's endeavors encompass diverse arenas. As an international expert from the International Agency of Public Security Geneva (AIAPS), he has facilitated diplomatic meetings, conferences, and humanitarian efforts across the globe. His multifaceted expertise in human rights and organization management positions him as a prominent figure in the realm of international humanitarian engagement.
Prof. Wasik's resolute belief that the actions taken today reverberate through generations underscores his unwavering commitment to resolving international conflicts and addressing humanitarian crises. Amidst the complex dynamics of fragile conflict zones, where over 2 billion people are ensnared, Prof. Wasik's leadership seeks to alleviate suffering, mitigate tensions, and uphold human dignity.
In essence, Prof. h.c. Rafal Marcin Wasik's tenure as the General Secretary of IHRC is emblematic of a life dedicated to serving humanity. His steadfast passion for human rights, peace, and global progress is evident in his tireless efforts to effect positive change, whether through conflict resolution, advocacy, or diplomatic engagement. The principles of universality, equality, and dignity that underpin his work resonate with the foundational tenets of human rights, encapsulating the essence of his contributions to the betterment of our world.

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