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Pedagogic innovation *IHRC Delegate*

Prof.h.c.OFMCap Grzegorz BADZIAG

NVC SMM IHRC in Poland

Head of programm "Pedagogic Innovation"

Training course offer in the school year 2020/2021, organised at the fourth school complex in Wałcz, under the patronage of the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) in Poland:

1. Pedagogic innovation entitled.:
“My and your rights in today’s world amidst cultural, social and interpersonal changes” – ended with obtaining IHRC First Grade Volunteer qualifications.
2. Pedagogic innovation entitled.:
“Election, the holiday of democracy” –granting IHRC Observer qualifications after completion.
3. Pedagogic innovation entitled.:
“Exploring Humanitarian Law –first grade edition” –granting IHRC Delegate qualifications after completion.
4. Pedagogic innovation entitled.:
“Exploring Humanitarian Law –second grade edition” –granting IHRC Senior Delegate qualifications after completion

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