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IHRC's Global Alliance
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IHRC's Global Alliance for African
and Middle-East Economic Sustainability
Ambassador Nakiim Bey, the Ambassador at Large and President of the International Human Rights Commission Foundation (IHRC) INC USA, has reportedly initiated a drastic and holistic approach for poverty alleviation and economic security of African and Middle East Countries, through the IHRC's Global Alliance for African and Middle-East Economic Sustainability.
Economic insecurity is a threat to achieving Sustainable Development Goals and carries considerable personal and social costs. Poverty breeds insecurity and widespread insecurity makes it harder to eradicate poverty and hunger. “Through the strategic alliance, we can eradicate poverty and implement economic security", he said.
Scholars have argued that there has been an upward trend in the frequency and severity of economic shocks during the recent period of globalization (since 1980), as well as a coincidental growth in the number of natural disasters affecting very large numbers of people.
The Global Alliance for African and Middle-East Economic Sustainability considers a wide range of policies to improve the possibilities for providing greater levels of economic security in Africa and the Middle East. The ideal proposes a novel approach, evaluating them on the basis that they should offer a strong prospect of reducing the economic insecurity in the Countries of Africa and the Middle East.
It is a truism that economic insecurity affects people’s productivity as well as their ability to invest in their children’s education and health. Indeed being insecure has resonance in people's attitudes, which at times can be detrimental to their ideas of a decent society.
Another strategy of the Alliance is to strengthen countries by providing a coherent set of policies that consolidate all forms of labor security and have an outstanding achievement on overall economic security.
The African and Middle East Economic Sustainability was formed for the following purpose:
A. Improve the Economic and Social condition of those in this Alliance and help the countries IHRC is located in.
B. Deal with trade among nations by purchasing and selling to other countries.
C. Invest in stocks, current, land,  gold, uranium, and other mineral resources.
D. Build infrastructures, homes, schools, etc.
E. Access goods, food, and supplies through donations and funding to assist other countries listed that are in need.
F. Support the three-year economic plan that will allow IHRC in the United States to use American resources to build the economic infrastructure, necessities, food,  clothing, and shelter.

Fidelis Onakpoma
IHRC Editor-in-Chief

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