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On January 14, 2021 by the invaluable SMM IHRC Commissioner Olugbeng Adewoyin and the wonderful NVC SMM IHRC at Cabo Verde Olawunmi Princess Adewoyin, International Human Rights Commission signed agreement with the the Municipal Chamber of São Miguel in Cabo Verde.  Municipal Chamber of São Miguel is the first of the local authority, how open the new IHRC platform: INTERNATIONAL LOCAL PARTNERSHIP- ILOPA in thw frame of Special Monitoring Mission IHRC. This program is to create a cooperations between local authorities from around the world to improve the quality and effectiveness of their service to their local communities. Thanks to ongoing, close and direct contact we with the local Leaders we will create new opportunities and perspectives for the development of local communities, regardless of their wealth and location.  Because only IHRC, relying on the knowledge and wisdom of its activists, understands and realizes the real needs and challenges of everyday LIFE. This new communication and development platform was created thanks to the personal commitment of the Secretary General of the IHRC Prof. h.c. Rafał Marcin Wasik, how will create new opportunities beyond all divisions for everyone whose heart beats for the good of others and HUMAN RIGHTS. Because what we do today, we do for Generations.

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