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IHRC United Organizations
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We have long been facing the problems of thousands of small and medium-sized organizations around the world, resulting from the inability to break above the local impact and establish cooperation with other organizations with similar goals, or the indifference of authorities to their needs.
That is, why at IHRC we have developed a new project to help such organizations spread their wings, to appear in the global work of protecting human rights, to help the excluded, the poor and the needy.
BIG CAN MORE, which is why we are pleased to announce that the International Human Rights Commission - IHRC establishes

Participation in United Organizations is open to all Organizations - regardless of their size, place of action or wealth - working for the broadly understood good of humanity.
The rules of joining are very simple, just fill out the form available at https://ihrchq.org/questionnaire.php and send to the email address office@ihrchq.org  along with a copy of the registration documents, details of the founders and composition of the Board and its logo. An accession agreement will be sent for signature to organizations that submit valid applications. After signing it by the Organization and a representative of United Organizations, information about joining will be published on IHRC websites.
The rules for participation are not complicated either. Joining the United Organizations means that the acceding organization, its representatives and members accept the following obligations:
1. Conducting a local humanitarian campaign minimum 4 times a year (preferably in each quarter) for the benefit of persecuted, poor or excluded people.
2. Conducting a minimum of 2 times a year (preferably in each half-year) a supra-local humanitarian action with another organization for the benefit of persecuted, poor or excluded people.
3. Use during the preparation and implementation of the above actions logos and/or other United Organizations markings and organizations participating in the given action.
4. Preparation of the press release and photo service from the above actions documenting its conduct and submission to the Federation on e-mail adress office@ihrchq.org for their promotion on global services related to the IHRC.
5. In addition, the Organization joining the United Organizations is obliged to share and promote outside the values ​​recognized by members of the Federation and promote its image, logo and other markings in its current operations.
May not be a member of United Organizations, which unlawfully using logos, signs or other terms assigned to other organizations, with particular emphasis on supranational organizations such as the UN, as well as similar signs and terms that may be misleading as to the membership of the Organization or its associations. An Organization that cooperates with such is also not welcome.
Attention ! "United Organizations -UO" is not part of the United Nations

We wait and invite you to cooperate for a better tomorrow

IHRC is authorized by the IHRC Founders to use the United Organizations Logos

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