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... Reiterate Collective Participation in the Fight Against Human Trafficking.
The International Human Rights Commission has reaffirmed her readiness to uphold the rights and dignity of the girl child in Africa and other parts of the world.
The submission was made as the Nigeria Country Head of the Organization represented the Secretary-General of the Organization in an event organized by a Right Activist- Ochuko Patrick Otoba, based on his experience over two decades of fighting human trafficking, rescuing and returning survivors, across West African Countries.
According to Amb. Dr. Friday Sani, human trafficking is a grave violation of the dignity of the human person; a global enemy that cuts across the region, race, culture, and religion and it is as old as society itself.
It is a truism according to our Secretary-General that “It is terrifying not only by the fact of its existence but most of all by the mass occurrence and the speed at which this phenomenon spreads all over the world. The wickedness of families allowing their child to be condemned to such a fate, the wickedness of traffickers and the wickedness of people…"
People enslaving young girls solely for their perverted pleasure. Unfortunately, these are often people who are considered stable and decent in their environment, rich and influential, this makes the fight for these young girls very difficult, because of tradition, law, and, unfortunately, social anesthesia work against them. These actions cause both me disgust, also because they lower humanity below the level of beastliness. Even animals don't trade their young, said the Secretary-General.

Tormented by these sentiments, and with a great inner need to actively oppose this iniquity, we had the honor of gaining a powerful ally. The IHRC recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the great NAPTIP Organization, leading the fight against human trafficking not only in Africa but make a good model for everyone around the world. The irrefutable proof of this is the appointment of her Director-General Dame Julia Okah-Donli to the Board of Trustees of the United Nations Voluntary TrustFund for Victims of Trafficking in Persons (UNVTF), revealed by the Organization Nigeria Representative-Amb. Dr. Friday Sani.
Records have it that Patrick Otoba has rescued numerous underage girls, as victims of trafficking for sex work and return them to their families and countries; to some, he empowered cash-wise, while others to acquire necessary skills to fit into the new society that we all must create.

Outstanding uniqueness of the event was the public presentation of “ THE DELIMA OF FEJIRO", a book authored by Patrick Otoba, to create further awareness and initiate a partnership that could lead to help stop the trafficking and enslavement of these teenage girls for sex work, all over West African Countries and Europe as slaves.
In a remark, Dr. Friday Sani said that IHRC has appointed the author- Ochuko Otoba as a Peace Ambassador with the International Human Rights Commission as a point of reference with our partnership.
While reiterating the need for collective participation in the fight against human trafficking, the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) through the West African Representative-Dr. Friday Sani specifically expressed with great magnitude the great work Patrick Otoba has been doing for humanity over the years ensuring him of further partnership with the Organization and called on individuals (families), government, and non-government organizations for effective collaboration in winning this plague.

Reported by:
Fidelis Onakpoma,
IHRC ZVC, Niger Delta.
IHRC Journalist, Nigeria

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