Commissioners IHRC - International Human Rights Commission ( IHRC )

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"Because what we do today, we do for Generations"
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Commissioners IHRC

International Human Rights Commission - High Commissioner

High Commissioner IHRC

Iurii M. Kiperman
Ambassador at Large

International Human Rights Commission
Volodymirska 23, Schevchenskyi district
International Human Rights Commission - Commissioner

Salvatore Pignataro

Commissioner IHRC

Head in CYW Observatory
Dr. Andrzej Toffel

Commissioner IHRC

Prof.h.c.OFMCap Grzegorz Badziąg

Commissioner IHRC in Poland

Commissioner IHRC
in West Africa
Ambassador at Large
Deny Davis

Commissioner IHRC in India

Commissioner IHRC
Secretay Federal Court
Ruslan Gavrylovskyi

Commissioner IHRC
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