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Michel Do Rosario
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International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) is working to strengthen & support all Nations capacity to engage in sustainable development through educational access, relief programs, ecological & bioethical reflections & actions, while taking in to consideration the traditional, social & cultural values of each Nation. Promoting Human Rights Peace, Gender Equality, Health, Economic development, awareness regarding the rights of women, children & youth in developing nations & where ever needed.  In Current COVID 19 Pandemic IHRC & its Team along with more than 1500 Volunteers across the globe are playing their Vital role in helping & working together with their respective Governments in their Regions. IHRC is working day & night to support & coordinate with the most affected regions by COV9D 19 assisting them to reach maximum level of affected people.   Music brings people together and makes them feel greater than the sum of their parts. Music can empower and inspire people to work together to accomplish goals and achieve visions unimagined by individuals acting alone. Music can be used in a number of ways to prevent conflict and promote peace. IHRC Secretary General Sir Rafal Marcin Wasik along with Her Majesty Queen Nadia and His Majesty Edmund Keli'i Siva, Jr King of Hawai’I has joined hand with the famous singer from Mozambique Michael Do Rosario in Fight Against COVID 19 in his New Song Promoting Hope , Peace and support to our fathers , mothers, brothers, sisters and children all around the  world.  MICHAEL DO ROSARIO shared the song on his Facebook Time line with the Note of Thanks to Sir Rafal Marcin Wsaik, Her Majesty Queen Nadia and His Majesty Edmund Keli'i Siva, Jr King of Hawai’I for their support & cooperation with the words, we are One in this Union against the coronavirus. BECAUSE LIFE, SAFETY AND HAPPINESS IS A PRIMARY HUMAN RIGHT.  Michel Do Rosario will soon join International Human Rights Commission as our GLOBAL PEACE AMBASSADOR .   Rafal Marcin Wasik Secretary General  International Human Rights Commission

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