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IHRC: Food-lunch program
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IHRC Volunteers in Italy organized a street support food-lunch program.
24th April 2021.
Yesterday, IHRC Volunteers in Italy organized a street support food-lunch program to feed orphans, the less privileged, women who are victims of abuse. The lunch program which was organized by IHRC Volunteers; Alessandro Cirrito and Enzo Miccoli fed 200 children (orphans) and families who are in need.
The program was a shared partnership with high-quality companies in Italy hinged to reach out to the vulnerable and provide support for the needy. Companies whose partnership were involved in the program to ensure the different classes of food for a complete diet are contained includes; Dolce Carollo for the Sweets Lady Ivana DI Liberto, the Minced Giorgio Inserillo, the Bonagel, and the Minced Meat Luisa
Special thanks to Italian Companies from IHRC for Dolce Carollo, Bonagel, Criscione Catering, Alivi.

Alessandro Cirrito
Fidelis Onakpoma
IHRC Jurnalist

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