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The Internation Human Rigths Commission delegates for the National elections in Cape Verde held on the 18th of April, 2021 led by Mr. Olugbenga Adewoyin reported that the election was conducted under peaceful atmosphere.  The election is considered free and fair. We had the chance to accompany the process in various polling centres on the islands of São Vicente, Boa Vista, Sal and the capital city Praia between the hours of 6 :30am till 7 :30pm when the votes were fully counted and was verified. The only point of concern is that about half of the voters that were registered for the election were absent at the election poll, and the reasons for that occurrence could not be established on the election day. A very typical instance was the polling table PR-AB-02 Escola Pedro Gomes in Achada Santo Antão in the capital city Praia where Mr. Olugbenga Adewoyin observed and verified the counting of the votes.  Three hundred and sixty one (361) voters registered to vote but just two hundred (200) voters exercised their voting rights. Similar occurrence happened  virtually in most of the polling centres across the nation.
On the Island of São Vicente, two members of IHRC delegates witnessed the process of the election. Both voters and the election officials honoured the guiding rules including the preventive measures against the spread of the new corona virus. The IHRC delegates, Helena Pereira and Noble Ezerah noted that the election was transparent, free and fair. The process of votes counting was accompanied in the polling section SV-AC_04 (UniCV) and it was noted that the process was very clear and transparent, without any doubt. Part of the polling centres covered in São Vicente were Escola Valentina Lopes da Silva, Uni-CV(Liceu Velho), Escola Aurélio Gonçalves, Escola Armaldo Medina e Escola Simão Lopes, Escola da Pedra Rolada, Escola Ribeira da Craquinha, Escola de Campim and Escola Nova (Ribeira Bote).
Generally, based on individual and objective opinions of the delegates, Shaza Yoseff Attia Yakoub, Expedito Garcia Bezerra, Olugbenga Adewoyin, (in Praia), Helena Ales Pereira, Noble Chigozirim Ezerah, (on the Island of São Vicente), Fransisco José Vieira, (on the Island of Boa Vista) and Elis da Sousa Viera (on the Island of Sal), the election was transparent, free and fair.
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