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International Human Rights Commission Foundation

Uraniastrasse 34
8001 Zürich, Switzerland
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Mingerstrasse 20
3030 Bern, Switzerland

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We ask for your support!
The International Human Rights Commission Foundation - IHRC, based in Switzerland, is a diplomatic transnational intergovernmental organisation established in 2017 in the Czech Republic and dedicated to humanitarian assistance, protection and respect for human rights in the world. Our philosophy and understanding of the world rejects a universal definition of human rights. Human rights have always resulted from local religion, culture and environmental conditions and therefore vary from place to place in the world. However, we always have one thing in mind - the welfare of people. IHRC is an impartial and independent organisation and very importantly, it is self-financing, i.e. it does not use government grants to maintain its independence and objectivity. The IHRC is headed by Secretary General, Prof. h.c. Rafal Marcin WASIK.
Our cooperation and your support will join forces and strengthen our common good influence on the fate of people in need all over the world, especially those suffering from wars and military operations, territorial, religious, cultural and national conflicts, but also humanitarian disasters. This will strengthen us as a transnational intergovernmental organisation in resolving international disputes and supporting widely understood human rights.
This is possible thanks to our international network of representations and offices around the world, covering Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. IHRC's diplomatic missions are to support and develop real and organisational activities, as well as to actively participate in supporting and helping to create communication platforms between governments, government programmes and diplomatic missions. The main objectives of the International Human Rights Commission Foundation are to serve humanity, regardless of material status, skin colour and religion. To fight against human rights violations, bloodshed and terrorism.
To render our services to the noble cause of maintaining peace and preventing strife among nations, we unite individuals and organisations. We organise seminars, trainings and conferences on international issues of human rights, peace, democracy, education, health, child labour, women's rights, combating terrorism and drug and human trafficking.
The IHRC has signed agreements with the governments of Ukraine, the Republic of Guinea-Bissau, the Republic of Niger, the Republic of Chad and the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia, officially registered branches in Switzerland, Georgia, Ukraine, Lebanon, Nigeria, Niger and Bissau-Guinea, as well as cooperation agreements with organisations such as the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) from Nigeria, the United Nations Association for Pakistan (UNAP), the AU-ECOSOCC Peace and Security Cluster, and many international and local organisations operating around the world. We are currently conducting special official diplomatic missions to the Republic of Chad and the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia in cooperation with the country's authorities.
Under the name "United Organizations", the IHRC has brought together organisations from around the world to form a transnational platform for cooperation and development. Among others, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of African Integration and Ivorians Abroad and the CNDH from Côte d'Ivoire signed the accession to the UO.
Under the IHRC's International Local Partnership programme, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the municipal chambers of Sao Miguel, Santa Cruz, Sao Domingos, Riberia Grande de Santiago and Boavista in Cabo Verde.
The programme aims to provide a platform for local authorities from around the world to improve the quality and efficiency of their services to their local communities through continuous, close and direct collaboration.
To date, IHRC has provided humanitarian assistance to more than one hundred thousand people around the world in collaboration with local organisations. Through thousands of our registered and active IHRC Special Monitoring Mission Volunteers, we are active in all corners of the world to implement humanitarian assistance programmes, raise awareness, protect human rights and monitor the local social and political situation.
Members of the SMM IHRC volunteer programme, over 6,000 of whom came from over 110 countries on 6 continents in February 2022, carried out hundreds of actions under the guidance of local SMM IHRC agents to provide food assistance to victims and the poor during the CoVID-19 virus pandemic that threatened lives and health.
People in need and education activities on how to protect themselves from infection. During the presidential, parliamentary and local elections in Ukraine, Chad and Cabo Verde, SMM IHRC volunteers played an honourable and responsible role, officially recognised by the relevant authorities and official international observation missions.
You can find more information about our worldwide activities on our website at www.ihrchq.org.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and look forward to meeting you soon.

Yours sincerely
IHRC General Secratary
Prof. h.c. Rafał Marcin WASIK

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