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On February 28, 2023, IHRC signed an agreement to support activities aimed at granting Ukraine the status of the host of the EURO 2030 exhibition in Odessa.
Thus, IHRC has taken on a new important challenge. Striving to meet the needs and requirements of today's societies, the IHRC authorities found the action in the short term to be less and less effective. Only a long-term perspective of goals can reasonably meet the long-term development possibilities of states and societies, because it allows for purposeful phased actions strictly in line with the final result expected by those concerned.
The international IHRC forces, acting in accordance with the program proclaimed by the Secretary General of the IHRC prof. h.c. Rafał Marcin Wasik, work on long-term stable and sustainable development, taking into account peace, security and social well-being of nations around the world, on all continents. We want to strongly contribute to the exclusion of all neocolonial activities from our everyday life. Both social and economic. Only free and economically and culturally independent nations can develop and build a secure future for their children. Therefore, the sustainable development program, looking at today's world through the eyes of future generations, is an indicator of goals and desires for all IHRC members.
Now we are approaching the implementation of this 7-year project. Thus, we ask you all to actively support this project, both locally and internationally, together with your families, friends and acquaintances. In a moment, we will be asking you all to help identify the tasks necessary for the local development of your communities in the perspective of the 20s or 50s. All organizations operate here and now, our vision, actions and goals must be, are and will be more far-reaching. That is why we are starting to initiate long-term programs to build social security and awareness as well as economic independence of nations.

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