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Young Ambassadors
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Young Ambassadors
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    Today's world offers so many attractions and life choices for young people (thats is young people who are over 18 years old) that they often feel lost and confused. The consequences are irreversible, negatively affecting their whole life. Often bad choices and daily mistakes are due to the lack of a guardian, who directs the youth's steps. In a world where everyone is in a hurry, conversation and mutual understanding disappear, where pictographs and short commands like "go", "do" and "not" are ruling in interpersonal communication. It's hard to get to know and appreciate authorities in such a reality. And they define the basic principles of our world. The Young Ambassadors IHRC Program brings together high school students and adult mentors from countries across the World to promote mutual understanding, increase leadership skills, and prepare youth to make a difference in their communities.
    Every young person is looking for a guide - a mentor - who will help him to understand the world and find his place on it. Someone who will help them build their strength and define values. Who will shape the winner. Since all choices should be based on a solid foundation, for wise and good people it should be based on the values of peace, tolerance and mutual respect for our differences. We believe that these fundamental values that define a person also motivate his mind to find individual ideals and inspiring examples of behaviors and achievements to follow, shaping life without major mistakes and failures.
    We also believe, that without motivational and inspiring ideals we will not find a deeper sense in life. Young people, who have their ideals, creative aspirations and goals concentrate on finding the right path of life and achieving success. We all see and know young people without those ideals who waste their lives without benefits for themselves and their fellow men.
    The IHRC emphasizes the need to acquire professional competences also in the context of developing global projects and the great importance of engaging young people in these activities. IHRC members constantly pay attention to the fact that volunteering is an opportunity to gain youth access to knowledge and mechanisms of the developing world, and for IHRC structures, volunteers are indispensable to meet the challenges they face in the period of growth and diversification. Enabling IHRC members to be directly involved in this important set of projects that the IHRC sponsors, develops and manages.
    Advanced high-level academic and professional experience is not a prerequisite for matching a particular role. In reality, knowledge of local realities, willingness to act and unconventional skills can be much more beneficial for the IHRC's efforts. We strive to build a database of people willing to participate in IHRC volunteering. Volunteering activities, regardless of formal qualifications, can be the basis for further professional work within the International Human Rights Commission humanitarian foundation.
    Volunteering of young people, as part of the Young Generation Ambassadors project, will provide young people with the opportunity to develop their professional skills, social and specialist knowledge and establish friendly contacts with their peers around the world. Young Generation Ambassadors will make a huge contribution to increasing the effectiveness of IHRC structures with which they will cooperate, contributing their freshness, enthusiasm, uncompromisingity and in-depth knowledge of the needs of local communities in which they live.
    We invite you to join us, to cooperate with us in order to build a better life with the goal and fulfillment! Tell us and YOU what you want, lead us and YOU in our deepest aspirations, and we will help you choose the best paths to achieve them. And when you feel that you are successful and ready to share, then help others, regardless of who or where they are, because everyone wants to be like YOU.

    IHRC Young Ambassador

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