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" The Closing of the Day marking the End of the week of Bilingualism in Cameroon"
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THE SPECIAL MONITORING MISSION OF IHRC IN CAMEROON  has taken part  on the occasion of " The Closing of the Day marking the End of the week of Bilingualism in Cameroon"
The team of volunteers  of IHRC from the southern region, went to the site. All the schools in the city of Ebolowa were represented from kindergarten to high school with more than 6,000 students. The IHRC representative of the region took advantage of this opportunity to sensitize and edify the students on the main theme of the talk: "Violence and deviance of students observed in schools",through this human rights violations the team brought up with the idea of creating a group of concern which the first group was set up in Ebolowa high school which hosted the event, and which has 30 members including the student: Mambo Oriane was appointed to coordinate the group after the meeting with the team of official volunteers of the region, deployed on the spot this same campaign launched would like to extend in the whole region and in the neighboring countries which is the republic of Gabon, and the republic of Equatorial Guinea.

The 4 official volunteers deployed on site were: Marie Louise Meyo, Horchelle Eyomane, Nlom Yvan.

Report from our Ihrc representative in the southern region:
- Giovanni chatry
NVC/Peace Ambassador
Dr. Holy Anagho Asanji

MNVC/Peace Ambassador
Hiroua Goare Bienvenu

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