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The International Human Rights Club (IHr Club), known as the prestigious International Gentlemen’s Club of Transnational Diplomacy, is dedicated to promoting global diplomacy, human rights, and humanitarian aid. This elite institution comprises distinguished members of the international community, including eminent diplomats, human rights experts, and leaders in humanitarian assistance. These members are committed to upholding the highest standards of governance, oversight, and international cooperation.

At the helm of IHR Club is the Supreme Senate Council, the highest governing body responsible for overseeing all activities, approving strategies and policies, and making crucial decisions. This council is composed of esteemed figures from various sectors, ensuring comprehensive and enlightened leadership.

Supporting the council is the IHR Club, an internal advisory-expert group that includes representatives from governments, international organizations, and civil society. This body plays a critical role in advising on strategic and policy matters, fostering intergovernmental, supranational, and interfaith cooperation.

The Control Department ensures compliance with regulatory standards through regular audits and assessments, reporting directly to the Supreme Senate Council. The Security Department is tasked with safeguarding the organization's operations and personnel, ensuring both physical and digital security.

The Development Department focuses on the strategic growth and sustainable development of IHR Club, identifying new opportunities and collaborating with partners and investors. Meanwhile, the Department of Diplomatic Protocol maintains diplomatic relations and organizes official events, ensuring effective communication and cooperation with key stakeholders.

The Public Relations Department manages the IHR Club’s external communication, promoting its actions and maintaining its public image. Lastly, the Collegial Court resolves internal disputes and ensures adherence to the code of ethics, upholding the organization's integrity and ethical standards.

In conclusion, the IHR Club's governance and oversight structures are designed to ensure effective management, strategic development, and the highest standards of accountability and security, underpinned by its prestigious status as the International  Gentlemen’s Club of Transnational Diplomacy.


1. *Promotion of Human Rights*

  - *Protection and Education*: Supporting global education on human rights issues and protecting fundamental freedoms and rights in all countries.
  - *Monitoring Violations*: Creating reports and analyses on human rights violations and promoting actions to eliminate them.

2. *Building Democracy*

  - *Strengthening Democratic Institutions*: Supporting the creation and strengthening of democratic institutions that promote transparency, accountability, and citizen participation.
  - *Promoting the Rule of Law*: Facilitating processes aimed at ensuring the rule of law, equality before the law, and adherence to international democratic standards.
  - *Civic Education*: Conducting educational programs aimed at increasing civic awareness and engagement in democratic processes.

3. *Humanitarian Aid and Social Development*

  - *Crisis Response*: Rapidly responding to humanitarian crises, including natural disasters, wars, and conflicts, through the coordination of humanitarian actions.
  - *Sustainable Development*: Promoting sustainable socio-economic development in developing countries, with a special focus on programs like FUTURE - AFRICA.

4. *Intergovernmental Cooperation*

  - *Strategic Partnerships*: Strengthening partnerships with international organizations, governments, NGOs, and both private and public sectors to implement joint projects.
  - *Transnational Initiatives*: Creating and supporting transnational initiatives that contribute to stability, security, and development on a global level.

5. *Strengthening the Role of Civil Society*

  - *Social Activity*: Promoting active participation of civil society in decision-making processes at local, national, and international levels.
  - *Support for Volunteering*: Supporting and coordinating the activities of volunteers involved in humanitarian and development projects worldwide.

6. *Education and Awareness Raising*

  - *Educational Programs*: Developing educational programs and training on human rights, diplomacy, mediation, and humanitarian aid.
  - *Information Campaigns*: Conducting campaigns aimed at raising public awareness of global challenges and opportunities for action in the name of peace and development.

7. *Innovation and Research*

  - *Innovative Solutions*: Promoting innovative technologies and methods to enhance the effectiveness of humanitarian and diplomatic actions.
  - *Research and Analyses*: Conducting research and analyses that provide valuable insights and recommendations on global issues and best practices.

8. *Intergovernmental and Inter municipal Mediation*

  - *Neutral Mediation*: Acting as a neutral mediator in intergovernmental and inter municipal conflicts, striving for peaceful resolution of disputes.
  - *Creating Platforms for Mediation*: Establishing and maintaining platforms for dialogue and mediation that enable peaceful negotiations between conflicting parties.
  - *Peace building*: Promoting long-term peace building initiatives through cooperation with various stakeholders, including governments, international organizations, and civil society.

9. *Reforms and Emergency Tools*

  - *Security Council Reform*: Supporting reforms of the UN Security Council to enhance its effectiveness in the face of global conflicts and chaos.
  - *Financial Systems*: Promoting reforms of the international financial system to improve stability and crisis response capabilities.
  - *Emergency Tools*: Creating and implementing emergency tools to improve international response to complex global shocks, such as pandemics, climate change, and economic crises.

10. *Tokenization of IHRC*

   - *Implementation of Blockchain Technologies*: Using blockchain technologies to create a transparent and reliable tokenization system that supports humanitarian projects and initiatives.
   - *Financial Transparency*: Ensuring transparency and accountability of IHRC's financial operations using tokens, fostering trust and efficiency.
   - *Project Support*: Using tokens to attract funds and support various IHRC humanitarian and development projects, ensuring sustainable financing and community participation.

*Implementation of Goals*

  - *Creating Working Groups*: Forming specialized working groups to implement individual goals and projects.
  - *Global Conferences and Seminars*: Organizing conferences, seminars, and workshops that facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience, and support international cooperation.

*Monitoring and Evaluation*

  - *Impact Assessment*: Regularly assessing the impact of implemented projects and initiatives on local and international communities.
  - *Feedback and Improvements*: Collecting feedback from participants and partners, implementing improvements in strategies and actions based on the collected data.

Please send membership payments as part of the IHR Club to the following bank account. All funds collected go to for Caring and Charitable Purposes on the basis of the Treaty signed on May 19, 2022, between the Old Catholic Church of the Republic of Poland and the IHRC.
Parafiia Starokatolickiej pw Ducha Swiętego w Swidwinie
78-300 Swidwin,
ul. Slowackiego 12a

Bank: BNP Paribas
PLN - IBAN: PL16 1600 1462 1882 8101 8000 0005
CHF - IBAN: PL32 1600 1462 1882 8101 8000 0008
USD - IBAN: PL59 1600 1462 1882 8101 8000 0007
EUR - IBAN: PL86 1600 1462 1882 8101 8000 0006
VAT PLN - IBAN: PL97 1600 1462 1882 8101 8000 0002

Transfer title: For Caring and Charitable Purposes

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