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West Regional Zone - IHRC in Cameroon
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IHRC SMM Active Volunteers Training Workshop for WEST REGIONAL ZONE of Cameroon
The International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) Cameroon carried out a training workshop for active volunteers this Wednesday 24th March 2021 in Dschang West Region of Cameroon, at the Divisional Delegation for Economy and planning.  The West Region of Cameroon covers a surface area of about 14000km square. It shares a border with the North West region, Adamawa region to the northeast, Centre region to the Southeast, the Littoral region to the west, with a heavy population density of more than 3million people.  The West region has 8 divisions and about 32 sub-divisions.  This is an indication of the coverage of IHRC SMM active volunteers of West region are entitled to.
Before the workshop unfolded, the Senior Divisional Officer for Menoua Dschang West region of Cameroon Mr. Mboke Godlive Ntua warmly welcomed the IRCH SMM training team headed by the Multinational Coordinator/Peace Ambassador for Central Africa H.E Bienvenue Hiroua Gouare, Ms. Holy Anagho Asanji the National Coordinator of IHRC SMM Cameroon, together with Afonuga Christopher Etave the West region zonal coordinator.  In his welcome speech, the Senior Divisional applauded the IHRC team for traveling for over 239km from the Buea the South West region to the West region to train active volunteers for mission deployment. Impressed with the vision and mission of IHRC SMM in Cameroon, he sent his representative to take active part in the workshop.

The training workshop took place under the chairmanship of the Zonal Coordinator, Mr. Afonuga Christopher Etave, with the overall objective to train and equip active IHRC SMM volunteers in the West Region of Cameroon and deploy to the field (missions) with the requisite knowledge, skills and techniques to enable them discharge their duties and responsibilities effectively and efficiently.  
In the opening remarks, Mr. Afonuga Christopher started the proceedings with a thank you to the IHRC MNVC and the National Coordinator, as well as IHRC team from the South West Region.  He highlighted that the coming of IHRC SMM Cameroon to the West region was timely, given that the challenges Cameroon is going through, with a lot of humanitarian challenges such as the internally displaced persons from the ongoing Anglophone crisis, who for security reasons have fled from their natural habitats to francophone towns and cities for safety. Mr. Afonuga then invited H.E. Bienvenue Hiroua, the IHRC MNVC/Peace Ambassador to deliver some opening remarks. The Peace Ambassador extended a warm welcome to all volunteers, thanking them for taking the time to join the training workshop. He also expressed his gratitude to the organizers of the training. He explained that the creation of cooperative networks, dissemination of the values and ideas of IHRC, will contribute to the achievement of IHRC mission in Cameroon. He stated his hope that the workshop would contribute to building the capacities of volunteers in the West region, and that it would strengthen the channels for constructive exchange of ideas among the volunteers.

The following part of the training was presented by Ms. Holy Anagho Asanji the National Coordinator of IHRC SMM Cameroon, who with a general explanation of the objective of the commission.  She further explained that the International Human Rights Commission was established in 2017 to serve as intergovernmental organization with the intention to bridge the gap between leaders and the led through a high level of diplomatic relationship with countries of the world.  She emphasized on the fact that IHRC is not an organization which engages in protest or sponsored demonstrations; neither does it serve as antagonist to any government in the world, but rather it serve as intervention agent to the internally displaced persons or distressed persons, promotes human rights, gender equality, health, economic development and educational access, awareness regarding the rights of women, children and youth in developing nations and wherever needed.
Ms. Holy Anagho concluded her session by presenting a work plan by explaining how IHRC activities could be carried out in the West region.
The training workshop was successful in achieving most of its objectives and officially installing West region zonal coordinator.  
NVC, SMM Cameroon/ Ms. Holy Anagho Asanji
MNVC/ P.A H.E Bienvenu Goare Hiroua
IHRC SMM West Region Zonal Coordinator, Mr. Afonuga Christopher

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