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"Anti-government extremism, experience and challenges"
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Mr. Robert Banaszek a International Expert of the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) participated in a webinar for RAN practitioners "Anti-government extremism, experience and challenges"
This webinar addressed the new topic of anti-government extremism (AGX) and its impact on communities, politicians and other democracies. During the webinar, participants explored the connection between anti-government sentiment, legitimate protest, anti-government conspiracies and radicalization. An attempt was also made to examine the concept of AGX ideology as a particular threat to individual politicians, civil servants, policemen, journalists and other organizations and state institutions that are intimidated or even attacked.
During the Webinar, the participants were familiarized with the conclusions of the RAN LOCAL and RAN POL meeting, which were presented and discussed by Working Group Leaders: Annela Portman and Luc Van Der Taelen.
During the Webinar, participants also focused on the evolution of the AGX phenomenon. It was shown how democratic protest and social dissatisfaction are radicalized by conspiracy extremists. It also discusses how dynamic the AGX phenomenon is, which often leads to building a climate delegitimizing the rule of law and state power. The discussion also concerned the indication of examples of how, for example, local governments and law enforcement agencies are challenged by new forms of protest, various groups and ideologies, and the progressive radicalization of events.
The source and background of such behaviors and the susceptibility of social groups to AGX narratives are also discussed.
The webinar of RAN practitioners is a perfect place to exchange views for all people operating in the state's internal security sector. It is a working platform for an in-depth analysis of dangerous social phenomena as well as for developing solutions to prevent radicalization that may pose a real threat to the functioning of democratic institutions.

Author of the report:
Robert Banaszek
IHRC Commissioner
International Expert

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