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We are in a period of uncertainty, anxiety, and confusion. How do we come together to support each other, stay productive, and stay safe, how do we continue to advance our values of environmental and social justice?

One of the things that make societies resilient is our social infrastructure. Our network of friends and family help us in difficult times so reach out, connect, but do it in a safe manner. Community engagement also needs to be increased.

We are seeing an environmental impact from the spread of this virus. Air travel has been vastly reduced. Industries have closed and air quality in these areas has benefitted.

We must create social infrastructure, like schools and hospitals, that use the latest innovations and techniques that can withstand the evolving challenges of our times, from natural disasters to pandemics

Do what you can to stay healthy. Get plenty of sleep. Drink lots of water. Eat healthy and get exercise. A healthy body is better prepared to fight off the virus.

Together, we can navigate this crisis and build a better, more sustainable world.


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