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Umbrella Fund

"What we do today, we do for Generations"

Inter- governmental Organization
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Coordinators SMM IHRC - People's Democratic Republic of Algieria
Arabic Region
Ambassador at Large in Algeria
Abdelkader Boubekeur
Regional Volunteers Coordinator
in Algeria
Mimouna Addad
Ambassador IHRC in Algeria

Volunteers Team 2019/20
Sahouli Fethi
/ Algieria/
Date of acession: 27.07.18
Fatima Zahra Ouahiani
/ Algeria/
Date of acession: 28.11.18
Lahcene Ferouani
/ Algeria /
Date of acession: 25.08.18
Hamza Benyoub
/ Algeria/
Date of acession: 28.11.18
Samir Hedeili
/ Algeria/
Date of acession: 12.05.18
Yahia Mellah
/ Algeria /
Date of acession: 04.01.19
Youcef Bentoumi
/ Algeria /
Date of acession: 02.01.19
Abdelkrim Hassoun
/ Algeria /
Date of acession: 02.02.19
Jawad Ajilali
/ Algeria /
Date of acession: 02.02.19
Rabia Touati
/ Algeria/
Date of acession: 21.06.19
Fatiha Niar
No. V910

Official Social Media
Like yourself, like the IHRC Family
In order to promote the principles and objectives of IHRC, each Volunteer should, as part of the IHRC Family support, report their accession assigning it personally as an Advertiser, to the following 3 Facebook pages. Personally like these websites and invite all your friends.
The request to be assigned to the website as an advertiser is sent to the e-mail address: by adding the copied link of your facebook profile.

Other: Other * The number of Coordinators depends on the number of volunteers in a given area*

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