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Volunteers SMM IHRC

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Removal of the SMM IHRC Volunteer
IHRC regrets to inform the public about the immediate removal of the SMM IHRC
Volunteer V472
Mr. Ahmed Khattar Hamad Maryyan
with Kingdom of Jordan.
Our decision is firm in the light of the evidence we have received and received for a long time. This man carries out and forges IHRC documents signed by the Secretary General of the commission. In this regard, the Legal Department will send an appropriate information note to the law enforcement authorities of the Kingdom of Jordan. On our website and in all social networks will be visible information warning abouth this man, to other organizations. This note was issued in accordance with that Mr. Ahmed Khattar Hamad Maryyan  acceptance of the terms of joining the SMM IHRC. Removal takes place immediately. ID Card and Notification SMM IHRC issued on 17.08.2018 are annulled and canceled. If in doubt, wheter document is genuine and authorized. Please visit our website https://www.ihrcq.org. Please report such situations to us immediately headquarters@ihrchq.org

Secretary General IHRC
Prof.h.c. Sir Rafal Marcin Wasik

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