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SMM IHRC in India

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SMM IHRC team distributes milk in slum settlements
SMM IHRC volunteer Bairam Khan, who distributed milk to young children in the middle of the city's slum settlements on the occasion of Eid volunteer team of International Human Rights Commission, said that on the occasion of Eid, our team thought that we are such weak children or women Keeping in mind the need of things like protein calcium, milk distribution was organized among the young children and in the same way, cash was given to them in the form of Parvi, so that the children do not feel that this festival of theirs In this entire event, IHRC volunteer Gilman Anwar, Innocent Raza provided full support and Mohammad Ata, Mohammad Chand and Raja also supported this event.
Volunteer Gilman Anwar told the children how to follow social distance in this folk down so that we can avoid major illness
Bairam Khan
SMM IHRC in India
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