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In the picture: the owner of Omnimedica AG Dr Hans E. Holzgang and Director Olena Reutter, Daniel Blaszczyk.
International humanitarian project,International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) , in collaboration with the Omnimedica AG
Omnimedica AG, is a spin-off company of the world leading Swiss Federal Institute of Technology  “ETH Zurich”. Omnimedica develops alternatives to traditional chemical pharmaceuticals that offer significantly better tolerability and fewer side effects. For example, a cortisone substitute for inflammatory skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis or atopic eczema has recently been developed, which does not require cortisone.
As part of an international humanitarian project, Omnimedica AG, in collaboration with the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC), wants to provide the latest developments to a number of children who have no opportunity to access these products and to treat their illness.

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