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Specialized Inter - governmental Organization

"Because what we do today, we do for Generations"

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International Human Rights Commission Umbrella Relief: To support the President of the Republic of Lebanon in forming the next Government ... more
The new IHRC Global Peace  Ambassador Dr. Jeremiah Mofoluwaso Agboola joins family the International Human Rights Commission.
Dr Jeremiah . Dean of Academics Executive Vice Chancellor Rockfield College of Sciences and Technology - Switzerland ..more
Her Excellency Harihiri Nadia Crowned Royal Majesty Queen Aya of Africa.
Her Excellency Harihiri Nadia Crowned Royal Majesty Queen Aya of Africa received an hour ago the nomination for Ambassador at Lage at IHRC. Thus, she accepted the accession of supporting humanitarian activities of the Secretary General of IHRC, prof. H. C. Sir Rafal Marcin Wasik. Thank you to Her Highness and welcome to the IHRC family...more
His Royal Majesty, Sovereign King of the kingdom of Hawai'i, Dr.Edmund Keli'i Silva,Jr received today the nomination for Global Peace Ambassador IHRC.
Thus,His Royal Majesty accepted the accession of supporting humanitarian activities of the Secretary General of IHRC, Prof. h.c. Sir Rafal Marcin Wasik. Thank you to His Royal Majesty and welcome to the International Human Rights Commission family...more
New Global Peace Ambassador IHRC- Gregor Stahli
IHRC open its office in Geneva on the 23rd September 2019.
Elena Reutter, Goodwill Ambassador to the IHRC, International Human Rights Commission. He is currently the current Eastern Europe manager at OMH Holding AG, Spin off ETH Zürich, Director of the Omnimedica branch in Ukraine ..more
The International Human Rights Commission No one has the right to exploit the ICCPR in the Lebanese movement or elsewhere The situation in Lebanon is not reassuring if events continue in the streets and ... more
IHRC mission is to support & develop international information and organisational actyvities
"Masłów in the heart of Jadwiga" is a collection of poems by Ms. Jadwiga Wasik.
International humanitarian project, International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) , in collaboration with the Omnimedica AG
IHRC Team thank you to all Partners and Sponsors - REGION ASIA
New Volunnters & Coordinators

Irfan Sayyed
/ India /
No. V882
Hebah Mahmoud Salem AL Tawaiha
/ Jordan/
Antoine Sayegh
/ Syria/
No V877 01.12.19
Mohammed Tawhidur Rahman
/ India/
No v 879 01.12.19
Zonal Coordinator Volunteer
in Bangladesh,
*Chittagong city*
Md. Sarowar Hossai
Dulal Chandra Debnath /Bangladesh/
No; V876
Mohammed Tawhidur Rahman
No V879
Lilian Ifeoma Chibiko Nigeria
No; V872
USPA NEWS - Protection of National Minorities is essential to stability, democratic security and peace in this continent. Sir Rafal Marcin Wasik
This is to inform & request all the Country Heads/Regional Heads that the undersigned is receiving complaints that representative of IHRC in different Countries & Regions are using their Personal Office addresses on their Official VISITING CARDS creating confusion for those who wants to communicate with the authorised IHRC representative office in Particular Country or Region.. Undersigned is authorizing all the Country/Regional Heads to immediately restrict all the Official representative of IHRC in their respective Countries/Regions to use Only the Official IHRC Office Address Provided by the Country/Regional Heads in their respective Country/Region along with the following IHRC Head Quarter Address which is mandatory on all the IHRC Visiting Cards. IHRC HEAD QUARTER: Loretanske Namesti 109/3, Prague 1- Hradcany, 118 00 Prague, Czech Republic Similarly all the Regional/Country Heads are requested to use only Official IHRC office address of their respective country on all the official emails & other correspondence with immediate effect.

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