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IHRC uses the rules IUS tracttatium, IUS Standi, IUS Legations and Mix Legal Systems, Natural and Common law
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Amb. IHRC Issa Mahamadu Sirajo and the MFA of the Republic of Niger..
Message from Secretary General IHRC Rafal Marcin Wasik
See our Report - Humanitarian aid during the Pandemic COVID 19

Volunteers paid a visit to the Prominent Organizations
SMM IHRC in Nigeria
Nigerian Police Affirm Partnership with International Human Rights Commission....more
A press note by Dr. Amr Said Gad Mohamed El-Feki, RVC SMM IHRC -Egypt / Arab Region
Federal Republic of Nigeria
SMM IHRC in Nigeria
SMM IHRC in Kosovo
Meet with Head of Parliament of Kosovo Ms. Vjosa Osmani
SMM IHRC in India
IHRC has launched office SMM IHRC in Cabo Verde
A report on the diplomatic award ceremony....
Republic of Cabo Verde
Memorandum of Understanding with the Associação Nos Saude
SMM IHRC and Civic Education of Cameroon
IHRC & Nigerian NHRC they start working together
Visit to the Mayor of Praia. ( Mr Óscar Santos)
Child Development and Crying Child distributed face masks.
Republic of Kosovo
SMM IHRC in Cape Verde another day in action
HQ United Nations - 6 March 2020
Roshan Cherri - GP Ambassador IHRC
SMM IHRC in Cameroon and The Martin Luther King Memorial Foundation
SMM IHRC in Cape Verde and Association Profissional Nos Saude

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