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" what we doing now, we doing for generations"
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Secretary General

First Vice Secretary General
Supplementary election in Nigeria
In preparation for the supplementary election in Nigeria coming up in River State on the 23 of March, 2019. International Human Right Commission chose Sen. Dino Melaye, representing Kogi West Senatorial District at the National Assembly as chief observer to lead the deligation.the senator was officially...more
Official International Observer
International Human Rights Commission - IHRC is an Official International Observer in the Presidential election of Ukraine 2019.03.31
Twenty-member international IHRC team was officially accredited in the Central Election Commission..more

Today I met with my mentor & my inspiration Dr.Mohammad Ramzan Chhipa, after I receive the title of Ambassador at Large by International Human Rights Commission. Chhipa Sahib always praised me for my..more

with the participation of the First world Vice Secretary General Ambassador Yurii Kiperman, together with the Charitable Foundation of People's Deputy Alexander Shevchenko "New Ivano-Frankivsk" and the permanent donors, such as the ..more
Beautiful starts with us
Patronage Ambassador of Goodwill in Kosovo Elvana Shala on the eve of International Human Rights Day.
Supported by: EU office in Kosovo, Embassy of Norway, Embassy of Croatia and Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports. Thanks to designers:.
Bagatyrky Games - Kiev Ukraine
In honor of the twentieth anniversary of the Bagatyrky Games, on August 25, 2018, in the territory of the Great Podillya Fair "Kyiv Contracts", for the first time, teams of twin cities of Kyiv: Poland ,Estonia, Slovakia ,Germany, Austria, Hungary took part in the "Match of sister..more
Today's world offers so many attractions and life choices for young people (thats is young people who are over 18 years old) that they often feel lost and confused. The consequences are irreversible, negatively affecting their whole life. Often bad choices and daily mistakes,...more
Please be advised that the process of full patent registration of the trademark regarding the official logo’s of our  Organization has been completed. Therefore, permanently, our two logos will accompany the ® mark...link

Knowledgeable, Courteous, and Elegant Lady – Tabassum Saleem. Over the last 100 years, the role and rights of women have ...more

USPA NEWS - La Commission Internationale des Droit de L'homme. Looks like this organization has the ability to solve the current situation with jet fugitives into the EU. I personally had the opportunity to speak to the IHRC representative, and amazed me with their hard work and enthusiasm with which they  ...more
Ambassador at Large IHRC H.E. Raheela Khan continues to embrace, groom and educate little street children in the underprivileged BURMA CHOWK areas who otherwise would be forced to collect garbage for a living. Furthermore with a dedicated vocational setup for WOMEN to learn skills and thus....more
The environment Project - International Human Rights Commission * African Region *
The environment God created the planet, and created in it all that human needs for living, growth and development, and man was able to perform all his functions well because of the exploitation of these different elements, and the human is linked..more
Women Empowerment Project - International Human Rights Commission * African Region *
Among the diverse and vital roles played by women
As an educator, teacher, farm worker, entrepreneur. and leader in the community. Women form the backbone of communities in the city and the countryside...more
Violence against Woman Project International Human Rights Commission * African Region *
Violence against women is violent and deliberate behavior directed at women and takes many forms, whether moral ...more

Mohsin Durrani
the Ambassador at Large IHRC
from 04-02-2019
until indefinitiely

Dr Haissam Said Bou-Said
the Ambassador  at Large IHRC
from 23-02-2019
until indefinitiely

Volha Baraulia
the Ambassador  IHRC in Belarus
from 29-10-2018
until indefinitiely

the Ambassador  IHRC in Estonia
from 04-09-2018
until indefinitiely

Adewale A.A. Ogunyemi
/ Nigeria /
Date of acession: 17.03.19

/ Afganistan/
Date of acession: 11.03.19

Santosh Kumar Nelakanti
/ India /
Date of acession: 12.03.19

Dr.Azuka Richard Udeh
/ Nigeria /
Date of acession: 13.03.19

Imran Asghar
/ Pakistan/
Date of acession: 22.02.22

Usaini Inuwa
/ Nigeria /
Date of acession: 20.02.19

Volunteer SMM IHRC is entitled to act as part of IHRC - Special Monitoring Mission International Human Rights Commission / SMM IHRC / programs, but has no right to represent and collect donations without separate authorization of the Headquarters - Czech Republic. If you have any doubts or need additional information, please contact us at address e-mail: volunteering@ihrchq.org... .more

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