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"Beacuse what we do today, we do for Generations"

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Humanity. Those who are doing this are also Humans but doesn't know the real meanings of Humanity. Humanity has no Religion, Caste or Color. Humans killing Humans even without knowing the reason. We the International Human Rights Commission condemn such cowardly acts by those who cannot claim themselves as Humans. We are with Humanity & we believe in Humanity...more
I, Secretary General and Co-founder of the IHRC Sir Rafal Marcin Wasik have the pleasure to appoint and designate Mr. Muhammed Eliash
from Bangladesh as Regional Volunteer Coordinator  ( BD) from 18-08-2019
I, Secretary General and Co-founder of the IHRC Sir Rafal Marcin Wasik have the pleasure to appoint and designate Dr Bhante Tawalama Dhammika from Switzerland as Ambassador to Switzerland ( CHE) from 12-08-2019
I, Secretary General and Co-founder of the IHRC Sir Rafal Marcin Wasik have the pleasure to appoint and designate Mr. Jayaraj Sujeewa Palihawadana from Sri Lanka as Ambassador to United Kingdom ( UK) from 12-08-2019
On behalf of Secretary General International Human Rights Commission Sir Rafał Marcin Wasik & Team IHRC, we would iike to convey our deepest sympathy & condolences over the loss of at least 100 people so far.due to Fire break out in Dahaka, Bangladesh.
IHRC's mission is to support and develop international information and organizational activities, as well as through active participation in current events in Europe and around the world, support of communication platforms between governments, government programs and diplomatic missions as well as participation in their creation.
In the context of His new appointment as IHRC Advisor on the United Nations Of Geneva Affairs and upon the newly registration at the UNIVERSAL PERIODIC REVUE (UPR), Ambassador Dr. Haissam Bou-Said started an UNA-USA Webinar: Universal Periodic Review on Gun Violence.
IHRC and UNA-USA are hosting a virtual UPR consultation Wednesday, August 21 at 8 p.m. ET to provide a forum for you to share your recommendations as to how the U.S. can end widespread gun violence..more
International Human Rights Commission is dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world and promoting the culture of Peace among the nations.
Deputy Superintendent of Police Mumtaz Malik visited International Human Rights Commission Pakistan Secretariat.
Had the honour of meeting with the former President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain during the Dinner to mark the 20th Enthronement Anniversary of H.M. King Mohammad VI,
The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) Act, the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) and the Vagrants Ordinance are frequently applied in a discriminatory manner, visiting UN Expert Clément Nyaletsossi Voule yesterday said.
USPA NEWS - Protection of National Minorities is essential to stability, democratic security and peace in this continent. Sir Rafal Marcin Wasik
Based on the universality of human rights and the fundamental principle of equality and non-discrimination, the UN High.. ...more
3rd General Assembly Economic, Social and Cultural Counsil of the African Union (AU-ECOSOCC) in Lusaca, Zambia.   .more
Universal Periodic Review on United Nations
In the core of his working schedule, Ambassador at Large and IHRC Advisor to the United Nations of Geneva Dr. Haissam Bou- Said ...more
United Nations OHCHR Indigenous Fellowship Programme 2020– Human Right Training in Geneva Switzerland (Fully Funded)
HUMANITY AND HUMAN RIGHTS ARE MY PASSION.USPA NEWS - Many people view human rights as a set of moral principles that
On July 02 2019 the IHRC acceded to the New York Conventions and undertakes to honored them with the exception of the IHRC reservations. Also the. Federation Court (Federation of Human Rights Arbitration) gained direct opportunities to cooperate with the judiciary of these ....more
The International Human Rights Commission is the official patron of this book

“Where is Pastor
Raymond Koh?”
New Volunteers of the International Human Rights Commission from EU

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Date of acession: 18.08.19
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Date of acession: 18.08.19
/ Bangladesh /
Date of acession: 18.08.19

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Date of acession: 18.08.19
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Date of acession: 18.08.19
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Date of acession: 17.08.19
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Date of acession: 15.08.19
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Date of acession: 15.08.19

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Date of acession: 11.08.19
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Date of acession: 11.08.19
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Date of acession: 11.08.19
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Date of acession: 11.08.19

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