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Umbrella Fund

"Because what we do today, we do for Generations"

Inter- governmental
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The SMM IHRC Group in Egypt initiates its development of a humanitarian work plan for 2020
"Heart to Heart" campaign SMM IHRC
"Poor Eyed Man Eye"" action
"Heart to Heart" campaign SMM IHRC
Action - hand out blankets to Poor People
IHRC ( Umbrella Fund ) distributes winter clothing in Bangladesh
Amb. Elvana Shala supports the Campaign Youth for Changemaker in Kosovo.
IHRC Ambassadorials Meeting in Beirut Office ...Lebanon
Togheter for our Rights - Kosovo
The Secretary General of International Human Rights Commission - IHRC ( Umbrella Fund ) condemns any attack on US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and condemn the attack on the Lebanese soldiers and the police attack and Prof. h.c. Sir Rafał Marcin Wasik sends his condolences...more
IHRC mission is to support & develop international information and organisational actyvities
"Masłów in the heart of Jadwiga" is a collection of poems by Ms. Jadwiga Wasik.
International humanitarian project, International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) , in collaboration with the Omnimedica AG

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