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Roshan Cherri - Global Peace Ambassador IHRC, business leader: HQ United Nations
6 March 2020
Humanitarian aid during the Pandemic - COVID 19

The SMM IHRC group from India Volunteers Bairam Khan,Gilman Anwar, Innocent Raza ,Md Ata, Md Chand and Raja provides baby milk.
SMM IHRC in India
SMM IHRC Zimbwabwe - 24 May eer giving face mask fo free to the community of zengeza 3 and to St Mary's Children's Village, Zimbwabwe
SMM IHRC in Zimbwabwe
More great social activists and humanitarian menenates join the SMM IHRC International Social Movement. Today we starting in Turkey
SMM IHRC in Turkey
SMM IHRC in Iraq
SMM IHRC in Jordan
SMM IHRC in Morocco
SMM IHRC in India
SMM IHRC in India
SMM IHRC in Iraq
Award of Appreciation and Presentation of Crested Face Masks to the Commissioner of Police, FCT Police Command, CP Bala Ciroma at the Command Hq-Abuja, Nigeria
Team SMM IHRC in Malaysia goes to action - Well done, New Organization ( PMUIO in Malaysia ) from next country joins the international social movement....
SMM IHRC in India - with the joint effort of Bairam Khan Gilman anwar and Masoom Raza, volunteer of the SMM IHRC, Salam residents living in Chakradharpur city were distributed raw grains today!
Serial Summit Diplomacy from the team of international Human Rights Commission of Cameroon and Chad.....
SMM IHRC in Cameroon
For the second day in a row, SMM IHRC Pakistan continues to distribute cooked food .....
SMM IHRC in Pakistan
SMM IHRC Bangladesh foods distribution running......reported: Mohammed Elias Serazi Peace Ambassador
SMM IHRC in Bangladesh
The International Human Rights Commission is writing to the Lebanese Minister of Justice about anti-corruption and refutation of measures
TEAM SMM IHRC & PJHRF works in the field and helps people in need.
Various support activities have been completed from SMM IHRC in Bangladesh.....
Press note from Mavayna Manav - V1547 Volunteer SMM IHRC in India
Diplomatic report from the team of IHRC Volunteers SMM IHRC from Chad.
SMM IHRC in Bangladesh helping More then 250 poor of Panchlish.
Organised Free Fever Camp with my team in mumbai, India in Red Zone.
Report witch Maaz Syed - V1369 Volunteer SMM IHRC in India
#We Rise By Lifting Others# Team SMM IHRC India and PJHRF
1000 Certificates to COVID-19...including Police, Doctors, Nurses, Social Activist, Politician, Government Officials, Sweepers
#We are neighbors in Ward 4, Rasik. This is a Facebook messenger group under the auspices of SMM IHRC, the main goal of this group is to participate in Rasik social work....
SMM in India
IHRC - Ghana commends President Nana Addo on the release of 808 prisoners during Covid-19 Pandemic
Bonaber FoundationGhana joins renowed musician (NII ADOTEY TETOR) under the auspices of SMM IHRC to distribute some food items and PPE’s to JAMES TOWN RESIDENTS
SMM IHRC in Saudi Arabia
A press note by Dr. Amr Saeed Jad Muhammad Al-Fiqi, RVC SMM IHRC in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / Arab Region;
Volunteers SMM IHRC in Zimbabwe starts work from in the city Chitungwiza...
A press note by Dr. Abdullah Ghadeer Al-Shammari, Al-Mutawa'een Coordinator SMM IHRC in Saudi Arabia
Dr Arif Nasir Butt NVC SMM IHRC in INDIA at the auspicious time of Ramadan Month again distributed Third Lot lot of 150 Ration kit of different food items to Needy people Nearby...
" Heart to Heart " - GHANA
1 MAY 2020, SMM IHRC in India togheter with Happy India Organisation.
Foods Distribution on going by SMM IHRC in Bangladesh Region among the needy families...
" Heart to Heart " - EGYPT
A press note by Dr. Amr Saeed Gad Mohamed El-Feky, RVC SMM IHRC in Egypt
Arabic Region
Press note from
Mr. S.Kiran Rao
with SMM IHRC in India Mysore, Karnataka.
SMM IHRC Volunteer s of Bangladesh regularly distributed foods their ability different locations
Man for man kind! critical movements man lost their sense ! Hunger man also upset & moves to & pro.
SMM IHRC in Bangladesh
❤️"Heart for Heart" ❤️
Today in Bangladesh, our help is still ongoing. Special Monitoring Mission IHRC helps children, the disabled, women and the sick.
SMM IHRC in Bangladesh
A hungry man is an Angry man! Hunger has no Humanity & Smile!
Children's Milk is distributed by volunteers SMM IHRC in India and Foundation PJHRF
A press note by SMM IHRC in Egypt - Dr. Amr Said Gad Mohamed El-Feki, RVC-Egypt / Arab Region;
SMM IHRC in Bangladesh set off to fight covid 19.
10th April Foods distributed among 200 family at RAJSHAHI CITY CORPORATION under 4 No word, Bulonpur, Rajpara.
SMM IHRC on Cape Verde Islands, NVC Olawunmi Princess Adewoyin
Ambassador Mohsin Durrani today visited Pakistan Red Crescent-Sindh Branch
Chittagong Districts under Jorergonj Police Station, Muhuri projects, Icha Khali Village
SMM IHRC and PJHRF Foundation under the name
" Food For All"
India: SMM IHRC and PJHRF jointly working for more then 10 days to feed poor people
This program jointly organised by Mr Sarowar & Brothers, Dishari Youth Foundation
Office to the Peace Ambassador of IHRC SMM Asia Region - Bangladesh
Team distributed foods & sprayed chemical under Jorergong Police Station ...
" Food For Everyone" The initiator of this wonderful action is NVC Dr. Arif Nasir
Informs the IHRC Peace Ambassador Lion Md Elias Shiraji
NVC SMM IHRC Bangladesh
Humanitarian operations of SMM IHRC Volunteers also started in Nigeria.
IHRC SMM Volunteer Rakibul Hasan distributed relief in Bangladesh
Hospital at Karachi’s Expo Centre, called FIELD ISOLATION CENTER for COVID 19 Patients.
"Blood of the Gift of Life"
The initiator of this great idea is NVC SMM IHRC Dr. Arif Nasir Butt.
IHRC SMM Volunteer and IHRS distributed relief in Bangladesh.
Distribution by Volunteers SMM IHRC, Chittagong Zone ,Sitakunda, Bangladesh
ASEAN Region- Bangladesh
Distribution of corona resistant and food products by IHRC Bangladesh branch.
Volunteers SMM IHRC from Arab Republic of Egypt has sterilized and assisted some places..
We, the SMM IHRC Volunteers from Bangladesh, working against Corona Virus. Today March 25, 2020
Campaign Name: 100 SMILE
Volunteers SMM IHRC India launches humanitarian operations " From the Heart for the Needy "

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