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Specialized Intergovernmental Organization

"Beacuse what we do today, we doing for Generations"

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Parlamentary Election in Ukraine ..more
3rd General Assembly Economic, Social and Cultural Counsil of the African Union (AU-ECOSOCC) in Lusaca, Zambia.   .more

JinnahkaPakistan is a well-known Foundation working to empower youth .The ultimate goal is to train and transform The visionary leadership amoung Youngsters. OwaisRabbani Is Founder Chairperson With Central elected cabinet and every city have its own President plus cabinet. OwaisRabbani is Master Trainner and leading Motivatonal speaker of Pakistan. He is also a television anchor. Owais Rabbani Thanks for a wonderful & another Productive meeting towards empowering Youth of PAKISTAN.
New Functionary Member  IHRC

Mr. Jaroslaw Tatarowski Ambassador at Large as
Master Voluntters Coordinator  IHRC
from 04-07-2019

Mr. Mohsin Durrani Ambassador at Large & Advisor UN Affairs IHRC as
General Coordinator Asia Pacyfic Region IHRC from 08-07-2019

from Canada
from 25-06-2019
from Sri Lanka
Ambassador at Large & Advisor UN Affairs
from 18-06-2019
Ambassador at Large in Nigeria as General Volunteers Coordinator Africa Region IHRC from today 10-07-2019

Mr. Abdelkader Boubekeur Ambassador at Large in Algeria  as  General Volunteers Coordinator Arabic Region IHRC from 10-07-2019

from UK as
General Volunteers Coordinator Nothern Europe Region IHRC from 10-07-2019

from Kosovo as
General Volunteers Coordinator Balkans Region IHRC
from 10-07-2019

Volunnter IHRC from Yemenas
Regional Volunteers Coordinator to Yemen ( YE)
from  10-07-2019

Mr Peter Koome Kaburu Volunnter IHRC from Kenya Regional Volunteers Coordinator to Kenya ( YE) from  01-07-2019

USPA NEWS - Many people view human rights as a set of moral principles that,...more
On July 02 2019 the IHRC acceded to the New York Conventions and undertakes to honored them with the exception of the IHRC reservations. Also the
Federation Court (Federation of Human Rights Arbitration) gained direct opportunities to cooperate with the judiciary of these ....more
The International Human Rights Commission is the official patron of this book

“Where is Pastor
Raymond Koh?”
New Volunteers of the IHRC *EU*

/ Pakistan /
Date of acession: 16.08.18
/ Somalia/

Date of acession: 13.07.19
/ Bangladesh/

Date of acession: 11.07.19
/ Jordan/

Date of acession: 10.07.19
/ India/

Date of acession: 09.06.19
Schola Kamene Reeve
/ Kenya/

Date of acession: 09.07.19
Ikechukwu G.Ahaneku
/ Nigeria/

Date of acession: 07.06.19
Tabitha Minza A. Kaz
/ Kenya/

Date of acession: 07.07.19

Sixth edition of the Solidarity Olympics/ LO ZSP im. Stanisława Staszica in Włoszczowa, Poland
The environment Project - International Human Rights Commission * African Region *
The environment God created the planet, and created in it all that human needs for living, growth and development, and man was able to perform all his functions well because of the exploitation of these different elements..more
Women Empowerment Project - International Human Rights Commission * African Region *
Among the diverse and vital roles played by women
As an educator, teacher, farm worker, entrepreneur. and leader in the community. Women form the backbone of ...more
Violence against Woman Project International Human Rights Commission * African Region *
Violence against women is violent and deliberate behavior directed at women and takes many forms, whether moral ...more

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