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Certificate of Apprecation from SMM IHRC in Poland
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IHRC Authorized person to Certify
Certyficates in 2022
in Poland
Code No: 616*NVC*2020/PL .....

This is in appreciation for YOUR devotion and sacrifice towards the fight against COVID-19, and for your help in protecting the less privileged from the pandemic's effects.
List of distinguished for towards the fight against CONVID-19 pandemic - 2022
616*NVC*2020/PL 001
Grzegorz Badziąg
616*NVC*2020/PL 002
Oskar Kriger
SMM IHRC Volunteer
616*NVC*2020/PL 003
Jakub Gumiński
SMM IHRC Volunteer
616*NVC*2020/PL 004
Dawid Lipiński
SMM IHRC Volunteer
616*NVC*2020/PL 005
Klaudia Rozmarynowska
SMM IHRC Volunteer
616*NVC*2020/PL 006
Waldemar Badziąg
SMM IHRC Volunteer
616*NVC*2020/PL 007
Alicja Jaroszewicz
SMM IHRC Volunteer
616*NVC*2020/PL 008
Szymon Kędzia
SMM IHRC Volunteer

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